James B.

Sep18th 2020

After being diagnosed with West Nile Virus I was left with nerve damage and paralysis in both legs and weakness in my upper body. I started going to Evolving Gait in July of 2019. Dave, Scott, Sabrina, and Jeanette support me with exercise, new ideas for treatment plans and great encouragement. I continue to see progress and improvement and have built up my strength which helps me accomplish day to day tasks independently. The team’s knowledge of techniques designed to help me progress is outstanding. They are caring and are genuinely concerned with my health and comfort. 

When I was originally diagnosed, the doctors didn’t think I would make it. I was sedated, intubated, and had a feeding tube. With Evolving Gait’s expertise and encouragement, I am able to visit with family and friends and go to places I never thought I would see again.