Multiple Sclerosis Medford, Suffolk County, Long Island, NY

Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple Sclerosis Can Be Hindering – Physical Therapy Can Help

Are You Living with Multiple Sclerosis?

The physical therapists at Evolving Gait Physical Therapy are specialized in the treatment of patients who suffer from multiple sclerosis.

 Our specialists will assess your situation and develop the best plan of care for your needs.

The goal of physical therapy for multiple sclerosis is to restore as much function as possible, in order to help you regain independence and move freely.

We can help you find comfort in the fact that you will be receiving treatment from experts in the field.

For more information on how our Medford, NY physical therapy services can benefit you and help you reclaim your life, request an appointment today!

Multiple Sclerosis

Common symptoms of multiple sclerosis include pain, fatigue, and weakness. Fortunately, physical therapy can help manage and decrease these symptoms. Our Medford, NY physical therapist will provide you with targeted stretches to ease muscle spasms and targeted exercises to increase strength and range of motion.

You will also work on activities to help with balance and movement, in addition to being provided with information on the correct use of assistive devices.

Ready to get started on a treatment plan?

If you are suffering from multiple sclerosis and it is limiting you from living the life you want to live, don’t hesitate to contact our Medford, NY physical therapy office today.

At Evolving Gait Physical Therapy, our physical therapists work closely with neurological experts to provide the best treatment possible for you.

If you request an appointment to meet with one of our dedicated physical therapists, you will find out how we can best manage your symptoms and help you reach your physical goals.

Don’t suffer in silence – find relief today.