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There is a wide variety of different healthcare plans that we accept. As a courtesy to our patients, we will verify your health benefits prior to your arrival to determine if there will be a copay, deductible, or coinsurance for therapy services.


Evolving Gait Physical Therapy
Suffolk County, Long Island, NY

Evolving Gait Physical Therapy provides physical therapy across a wide range of diagnoses, including neurological disorders such as stroke or TBI, orthopedic issues from sprains to joint replacement recovery, and geriatric issues such as balance disorders and falls.

Between our two Long Island offices, one located in Medford, NY, and the other in Bayshore, NY, we have multiple areas in of specialty.  Whether you are suffering in pain from an orthopedic neck, back, or knee injury, or something more neurological in nature, we will be able to help. 

Our facility in Medford, NY is uniquely set up to accommodate individuals with severe mobility difficulties.  If you or a loved one is afflicted by a traumatic brain injury, multiple sclerosis, or other disabilities, the accommodations that we offer are hard to match.  The therapy that our patients receive is comprehensive in nature, taking into account each individual’s specific needs and also combining compassion, skill, and experience. 

In addition, our affiliation with the New Beginnings Community Center in Medford allows patients to also be seen for occupational and speech therapy services all in one location, saving our patients the trouble of receiving multiple rehab services at different locations.
Our Bayshore, NY office is generally more orthopedic in nature, offering skilled physical therapy treatments for movement dysfunctions, pain, and injuries.  Whether you are seeking your first therapy appointment or have tried another practice without success, please give us a chance to help you heal and return to pain-free function at your highest level to prevent a future reoccurrence. 

We offer a combination of hands-on and equipment-based treatments to deliver high-quality care to patients with neck and back pain, post-surgical joint replacementssprains and strains, degenerative joint disease, fractures, and more.  We do all this to help you maximize your functional abilities and lead as full a life as possible.

How Can Physical Therapy Help You?

Evolving Gait PT specializes in one on one treatments that help our patients restore normal function and become as independent as possible after suffering an injury from traumatic events such as stroke, head injury, accident, or surgery. Our ultimate goal is to help restore as much physical strength as possible, and to assist with our patient’s levels of activity as they relearn how to do normal everyday tasks.

  • Stroke

    Stroke is a leading cause of disability in adults. The goal of physical therapy for a stroke is to restore as much function as possible, in order to help you regain independence and move freely.

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  • Traumatic brain injuries

    It is important to work with specialists for guidance regarding the best activities for your needs, post-brain injury. Our Medford and Bayshore, NY physical therapists will customize a strength-building program to help regain endurance.

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  • balance and gait disorders

    Balance and gait disorders can develop for a variety of reasons and can be physically and mentally disrupting. Underlying musculoskeletal and neurological disorders can cause or aggravate a balance or gait problem.

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  • post-surgical rehab

    Rehabilitation before and after surgery are essential to a successful and smooth recovery. Surgery can be considered a form of trauma, and the ways in which your body reacts will vary.

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  • multiple sclerosis

    Common symptoms of multiple sclerosis include pain, fatigue, and weakness. Our Medford and Bayshore, NY physical therapists will provide you with targeted stretches and exercises to ease muscle spasms increase strength.

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  • Parkinson’s Disease

    Parkinson’s disease is a progressive, neurological disorder that affects the nerve cells in the brain. Fortunately, physical therapy can help slow the progress of Parkinson’s and provide relief for symptoms.

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  • spinal cord injuries

    Spinal cord injuries can greatly impact your life and result in pain, limitations, and daily hindrances. Our highly trained physical therapists will prescribe specific gentle exercises, stretches, and modalities to help you recover brain function.

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  • Auto Accidents

    There are many, many reasons to undergo physical therapy after you’ve been in a car crash, as it supports the recovery process and can also prevent long-term damage from a car accident, including migraines and chronic pain.

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Specialized Equipment for Your Special Rehab

Our therapists have extensive experience in neurological and movement disorders. Evolving Gait Physical Therapy provides physical therapy across a wide range of diagnoses, including both neurological and orthopedic disorders. We offer one-on-one treatment and focus on improving physical function so that you can live as independently as possible. Sometimes, you may have to relearn basic skills, such as walking or dressing. At Evolving Gait Physical Therapy, our advanced methods and modalities are equipped to help you stake your claim over your life again.

  • The Biodex Balance machine is a valuable training tool for anyone who is looking to improve their agility, balance, and develop muscle tone.

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    Biodex Balance Machine

  • Exercise is Important

    The Biodex Gait Trainer 2 is much more than your average treadmill! This machine is designed to provide both audio and visual real-time biofeedback to motivate and prompt patients into their correct gait pattern.

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    Biodex Treadmill

  • The Quadriciser is a robotic passive range of motion machine that breaks up high tone and spasticity by moving all of your extremities at the same time.

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  • Unweighted therapy is similar to aquatic therapy, without the pool. It is a great way for you to regain your strength and mobility without fear of falling or putting too much stress on the affected area(s) of the body.

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    Unweighting Therapy

  • Neuroplasticity refers to the ability of the nervous system to change in response to signals – essentially, the brain’s capability of learning and changing.

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  • Balance is a large part of fall prevention, as lack of stability is one of the main reasons why falls occur. Your physical therapist will design a balance training plan for you as part of your treatment.

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    Fall prevention


"I would recommend Evolving Gait to anyone in need of physical therapy."

I’ve seen different therapists since my injury but no one has helped me as David has. I used to be extremely stiff due to spasticity. With David’s stretching and walking techniques, I am now looser and taking better steps.

- William K.



Our therapists have extensive experience in neurological and movement disorders resulting from TBI, stroke, Parkinson’s and MS, just to name a few. Feel free to schedule a visit to see us. We will be happy to show you around.