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Functional Mobility

What Is Functional Mobility?

Do you notice that you struggle with everyday tasks such as sitting up in a chair or getting out of bed without assistance? There’s a term for that. The ability a person has to navigate their environment (including their workplace and their home) is referred to as “functional mobility.” Functional mobility can include sitting down, walking, standing up, or moving around while lying down in bed. 

There are three kinds of functional mobility; transfers, bed mobility, and ambulation. Transfers refer to the act of moving from one place to another. Bed mobility refers to lying down or rolling over. Ambulation is a person’s ability to walk.

If you’re dealing with functional mobility issues, contact Evolving Gait Physical Therapy in Medford, NY for assistance. Our licensed physical therapists are available to assess your condition and help you get back to navigating life as you normally would.

How Can Evolving Gait Physical Therapy Help With Functional Mobility?

The amount of assistance you might need to move around all depends on your condition, pain symptoms (if any), injuries you might have sustained, or disorders. There are different levels of assistance.

  • Independent – You can safely perform tasks on your own.
  • Dependent – Another person or an assistive device must support your mobility.
  • Maximal Assistance – Assisting device or person performs 75% of the work.
  • Moderate Assistance – You perform 50% of the work, assisting device or person assumes the other 50%.
  • Minimal Assistance – You perform 75% of the work and the assisting person or device assumes the other 25%.
  • Contact Guard Assistance – The person assisting you only uses their hands to steady you during a task but provides no other assistance.
  • Stand-by Assistance – The person assisting you does not touch you, only watches to make sure you don’t need help.

At Evolving Gait Physical Therapy in Medford, NY, our licensed physical therapists can help improve your mobility and make sure you’re able to move around safely.  Your physical therapist will work with you to learn strengthening, balance, and flexibility exercises, and improve your range of motion.

Every patient’s condition is different, so your Medford, NY physical therapist will assess your mobility levels to create the best possible treatment plan for you.

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If you have suffered from an injury that has affected your overall mobility, now is the time to do something about it. Contact Evolving Gait Physical Therapy in Medford, NY for more information on how one of our physical therapists can help you get your health back on track.