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How Can Physical Therapy Help with Neuroplasticity?

Neuroplasticity refers to the ability of the nervous system to change in response to signals – essentially, the brain’s capability of learning and changing.

Physical therapy can greatly help with transformative neuroplasticity, wherein learning actually shapes the brain’s functional anatomy.

There are many different ways our Medford, NY physical therapists can help improve neuroplasticity, from exercise alone to different types of neurological rehabilitation.

To learn more about how physical therapy can help with neuroplasticity, contact Evolving Gait Physical Therapy to schedule a consultation.

What should I know about neuroplasticity and physical therapy?

As stated by the Journal of Neurologic Physical Therapy,

Neuroplasticity “refers to the capacity of the nervous system to change, and this change is not unique to central nervous system (CNS) injury or as a response to rehabilitation protocols.

Neurons have the capacity to change their structure and function, according to the inputs generated by activity and learning; in fact, neuronal change is the basis for memory and behavioral change, resulting from experience.

Plasticity takes place constantly, whether we are undergoing intense training or doing absolutely nothing. Furthermore, plasticity can be positive (adaptive) or negative (maladaptive).”

At Evolving Gait Physical Therapy, we focus strongly on adaptive neuroplasticity, which essentially helps your brain “relearn” effective and efficient ways of living and completing tasks.

Our Medford, NY physical therapists are highly trained in neurological rehabilitation, which will help them design the best treatment plan for your needs.

How can I get started?

If you are in need of improvement, or you think you might be, Evolving Gait Physical Therapy can help.

Our Medford, NY physical therapists will start by conducting an initial evaluation, which may consist of several diagnostic tests to determine what types of treatment you are in need of. From there, a series of treatments will be prescribed to focus on adaptive neuroplasticity.

To get started, schedule your initial consultation at our Medford, NY physical therapy office today!